Basic Settings and Support FAQ

How do I set up my DSL connection with my Actiontec DSL modem?
Run the set-up CD and/or access the modem thru after connecting all cables.
When requested during Basic set-up, choose "PPPoA" - Enter your Zhonka account username and password.
Select Dynamic IP address configuration & Dynamic DNS configuration.
Under Advanced settings, you can enter wireless ID settings.

How do I set up my DSL connection with my Cisco678 modem?
Visit the Cisco 675/678 DSL modem configuration page or contact Zhonka and we'll do it for you.

What basic Dial-up settings should I know?
Dial-up username: use your primary E-mail address (ie: and primary account password.
Dial-up number: Olympia: 360-485-0574 - check out for more numbers
TCP/IP settings: PPP, obtain IP address automatically, obtain DNS automatically.

What are the basic settings needed for my E-mail account?
Username and password are always lower case and just "bob" not ""
POP3 and SMTP (incoming and outgoing) servers:
E-mail address & Reply-to address is "" or " if you have a domain name.

What other settings may be handy for accessing web directories?
FTP hostname: "" or "", use your Zhonka username and password to go directly to your web directory. Contact Zhonka to create a web directory included with your account.
Before registering a domain name, check the Domain FAQ for more info.
Primary DNS server:
Secondary DNS server:

What settings do I need to access usenet newsgroups?
NNTP (usenet newsgroups) server:
"Use Authentication" and login using your entire primary account Zhonka e-mail address example: and primary Zhonka account password.  Turn off encryption option if prompted.
If you are using Outlook Express, please peruse the setup method detailed at

.How can I check my billing account info and pay on-line?
You can check your usage records, account balance, verify payments, pay your bill and update your credit card info by logging on with your account username and password to Zhonka's Secure On-line Billing center at You may also Contact Zhonka with your questions.

How can I change my E-mail settings?
You can change your E-mail password, set up vacation messages, and check other E-mail features at: . For new accounts and aliases, Contact Zhonka.
Remember your invoice comes only by E-mail!

Can I get some help getting connected?
Sure! If you are unable to connect Call 360-357-8776 - after hours leave a detailed message.
Otherwise E-mail support (at) - replace with "@" - No Junk Mail please after REBOOTING YOUR DSL MODEM (this solves most problems).
By the way; Qwest DSL tech support # is 800-247-7285, Qwest service and order desk is 888-244-1111.

I am connected but have some questions/problems/changes about my service, what shall I do?
1) Check out the other sections in this on-line Frequently Asked Questions
2) Fill out the on-line request form at
3) Contact Zhonka

Important Support Policy Notes: Zhonka Broadband is dedicated to providing responsive support to assist you in getting connected to the Internet. Using the settings above, you can connect using most any kind of operating system designed to connect to the Internet using industry-standard TCP/IP. What you do with your connection is up to you as long as your activities are in accordance with the Zhonka Broadband Terms of Service Agreement located at

Please keep in mind that Zhonka cannot assist you with computer hardware problems or operating system and application software issues beyond troubleshooting your Zhonka network connection. We encourage you to consult the manufacturer's documentation and website or consult with a computer professional for assistance with extraneous hardware/software problems.

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