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Web Hosting, Design and Domain names

Can Zhonka host my website?

Yes! Most all of our packages include some amount of web hosting.

The Bronze package includes a user web directory. The web address, or "URL," is Web directories are created upon request.

The Silver, Gold and Platinum DSL packages include "domain hosting" - ie:, including E-mail addresses

Remember you are responsible for registering your own domain name and paying for the fees (more info on this below). If you haven't registered a domain registered yet, Zhonka can create a user web directory for you to use in the meantime. Once your domain name is registered, we will "point" to this same directory.

Zhonka also offers a variety of web hosting only packages for individuals, web designers, and businesses. See our web hosting packages for details.

How do I upload or "FTP" files to the web directory?

Files may be uploaded to your web directory using most any stand alone FTP (file transfer protocol) program - for example WS_FTP, Cute FTP, Fetch, or Transmit. You may also use the FTP feature included with many web authoring applications such as Dreamweaver, Front Page or other. You can find all manner of free or cheap applications available for download on the Internet.

What are the settings I need to FTP to my web directory?

The FTP hostname (may also be called server name) is
Domain hosting customers may alternatively enter in their domain name ie:

Use your primary Zhonka account username and password and you will be dropped directly into your directory without needing to enter any directory pathname.

Can you design my website?

No, while Zhonka Broadband hosts websites, we do not design them. We do have several partners in the web design business, which we are pleased to recommend:

Bomb Salon

Does your included web hosting allow for CGI scripts, PHP, Perl, python, etc...? How about MySQL (or other database) availability?

Packages which include domain hosting also include server scripting applications like those mentioned above. However, we DO NOT provide technical support beyond providing settings as needed. If you have specific needs, please contact Zhonka. Remember, Zhonka also offers Server Co-location.

Domain Registration FAQ

What information do I need to transfer my domain name to Zhonka Broadband?

Most Registration Service Providers ("RSP") offer 2 ways to transfer a domain name, by E-mail or web-based. Either way, the information required to transfer your domain to Zhonka are the same. While you will need to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of your RSP, generally you will see a straight-forward way of "changing/updating your DNS servers" and "changing/updating your Technical Contact."

Zhonka's DNS servers are:



Zhonka's Technical Contact info is:

Zhonka Broadband
204 Quince St NE, Suite 201
Olympia, WA 98506

The RSP may use E-mail authentication to ensure the transfer is legitimate. If this is the case, please ensure timely replies to the automated messages and you *must* use the E-mail address associated with the account.

What is a domain name?

In short, a domain name or a URL (Universal Resource Locator) is a top-level web site address, for example "" Domain names are registered following international conventions and carry a suffix which defines the type of organization owning the domain name (.com, .org, .net, etc.) or country of origin (.uk, .tv, .tm, .us).

How do I choose a domain name?

Well that depends on the purpose of the domain name and what names are available. Ideally, a domain name should be easy to remember, easy to read and not too long. Tip: Hyphens may be used in domain names to increase readability. Further, many businesses register several variations of a domain name to provide multiple "gateways" into a website.

How do I check if a domain name is registered?

Check out available domain names by doing a WHOIS search at any registration service provider's website. The results will likely show who owns the domain and other technical information.

What can I do if the domain name I want is already registered?

Many domain names were registered by "speculators" whose intent is to resell at a significant profit. These domain names include common phrases, registered tradenames, personal names or perhaps your business or organizations names. While a process for transferring these domain by force exists, it involves lawyers, time and money. Additionally, in this global economy, many domain names simply were registered by another group (especially true with acronyms).

Most customers in this situation follow one of two paths:

1) Think of a new domain name - add a hyphen, choose another suffix, be creative!

2) Bite the bullet and pay the domain "squatter" their "ransom" - the value really depends on the name's worth to your organization.

What is a "Registration Service Provider"?

Prior 1999, one company (Network Solutions now owned by Verisign) had exclusive rights to register domain names in the US. Now with competition in the industry, there are dozens of companies who may register various domain names according to International conventions. Examples include: Tucows,, Open SRS, Yahoo, Bulk Register and dozens more ...

What domain name suffixes may I register?

Standard domain suffixes available to the public are ".com" for companies,".org" for organizations and groups and ".net" which is intended for use by computer networks forming part of the Internet infrastructure.

Recently other generic Top Level Domain (TLDs) became available including ".info" for informational sites, ".name" for personal sites, ."pro" for lawyers, doctors etc. and ".biz" for businesses. Use and registration of these names are handled by various RSPs under contract from ICANN and may have restrictions about how they may be used.

It is also possible to register country-specific suffixes including .us. In recent years, some international countries began re-selling domain suffixes for various rates. Examples include the tiny South Pacific island of Tuvalu (.tv) and Central Asian Republic of Turkmenistan (.tm), Tonga (.to), Federated States of Micronesia (.fm) to name a few.

In the USA, some suffixes are reserved for official use only. These include ".gov" for government agencies, ".edu" for schools and ".mil" for military use.

What Registration Service Provider does Zhonka use/recommend?

While Zhonka does not sell domain names and can host domains from any RSP, Zhonka is partial to, an RSP based in France providing simple registrations for a reasonable cost and does not attempt to sell you additional services.

This is too confusing, can Zhonka do this for me?

While we encourage you to conduct the transfer yourself, Zhonka will perform the transfer for a $35 fee for administrative time. You will need to provide Zhonka with username/password and the domain name must have no pending judgments against it.

How long does this process take?

Once the on-line transfer is completed and Zhonka announces the change into the Domain Name Servers (DNS), your domain should appear live within a couple of days as the name change propagates to other DNS around the Internet.

What if I no longer have the e-mail address I used to register the domain?

Again this depends on the policies of the RSP but generally you will need to send a faxed letter of change and the RSP will verify the transfer with the other contacts associated with the domain.

Who do I list as a Organizations plus Administrative and Billing Contact?

This part is up to you but Zhonka recommends that you carefully list yourself or organization. Changing the registered Organization in particular is a rather difficult process so be sure to check spelling as well as ensure your legal business name, proper mailing address, phone, fax is accurate and also use an e-mail address you will have for a long time.

Who is ultimately in charge of domain names?

In the USA, the InterNIC, a division of the US Dept. of Commerce creates policy and represents the US in the ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers - an consensus based organization dedicated to Internet governance. As ICANN says "Just as there is a single root for telephone numbers internationally, there must be a single authoritative root for the Internet, administered in the public interest."

Additionally, each Internet Service Provider maintains a Domain Name Server which announces the domain names and numbers hosted on it's networks' servers so all Internet users can be routed to the address they seek. These DNS servers "translate" domain names to an IP (Internet Protocol) address which is a unique identifier not unlike a phone number.

The RSP/ISP associated with my domain name is not responding to my request, what can I do?

A web developer registered my domain name under their name and refuses to transfer it, what can I do?

Someone registered just registered a domain name which is my trademark, what recourse do I have?

If you have a significant transfer problem that cannot be resolved by dealing directly with your RSP, then the best course of action is to submit a complaint with the InterNIC (also see the InterNIC's dispute FAQ).

As of Aug. 1999, all ICANN accredited RSPs follow the same dispute resolution policy, the "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" which outlines the process to resolve all manner of disputes from transfers to intellectual property violations.

I've checked out this FAQ, the Internic's FAQ and ICANN's FAQ and I still have questions about domain names!

Hmmm, well OK, Contact Zhonka with your detailed question - including what you've done to find the answer -and we'll see if we can brew up an answer!

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