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Where can I hook up with free Zhonka wireless access?

Zhonka Broadband partners with select local cafe, markets, bookshops and taverns to provide"Surfbreaks" which are complimentary wireless Internet access points for patrons.   All the Surfrbeaks are listed on the Surfbreak page.

What do I need to hook up at a Surfbreak?

Basically a laptop with wireless card or a PDA with wi-fi ability. Once you get close to a Surfbreak, your wireless device will notice the location's SSID "ZhonkaSurfbreak" and Voila! you're online.

How can my business get involved in the Surfbreak / Merchant Referral program?

Zhonka values relationships with local cafes, public areas, computer retailers and professional consultants. Participants in this program will be listed on the Zhonka web-site and invited to participate in mutually beneficial co-marketing campaigns.  See the Surfbreak Partner Agreement for more info.

What are some handy links for dealing with virus, spyware, and security?

Here are some useful resources to protect your machines and network ... The sites and resources listed below are all off-siteand provided "as-is" in good faith.  Zhonka does not bear responsibility for your use of the software downloaded from these sites. You are responsible for educating yourself about the policies and licensing requirements from these third-party vendors.

Virus information, prevention and removal software:
ClamWin  - Free antivirus tool for several platforms
Microsoft's Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) - security technology to help protect Windows users from spyware and other potentially unwanted software
Trendmicro - Free virus removal tool!
- Commercial product support with some free services
Symantec / Norton - Updates and info on commercial product

Policy and Information about "junk" e-mail: - Security news and Issues
Brian Livingston - Author of "Spam-Proof Your E-Mail Address"
Ben Livingston's "Zen and the art of Small Claims" online zine and court cases
jwSpamSpy - E-mail spam filter for POP mailboxes with free eval version - also info on "419 scams"
Federal CAN-SPAM Act - WA State SPAM law - File Complaint

Operating system update:

Windows users: Use Windows Update icon in the Start menu or visit for latest critical security updates.
Macintosh OS users: Use the Software Update feature located in the "System Preferences" in OSX or in the "Control Panels" in OS9 or visit Apple downloads.

Spyware / Adware removal:
SpyBot - Free!
Ad-Aware - Free!

Software configuration help pages:
Safe Pages - Generic screenshots for setting up common Internet applications, just insert your basic Zhonka settings.
Computer Hope - Searchable site for hardware and software troubleshooting.

Which computer stores and network consultants do you recommend?

Zhonka is pleased to recommend these local computer stores and consultants who participate in Zhonka's Merchant Referral program.

Golden Apple Electronics
Jayson Bucknel
Specializes in on-site, multi-platform network planning, server software configuration and hardware troubleshooting.

TOGI - the Other Guys Inc.
Full computer retail store, on-site network consultation, printer repair and more.

Olympia Computer Central

Muskeg Development Group, LLC
Specializes in network engineering and routing, business technology strategies and implementation.

Zhonka also maintains a list of web developers in the Web hosting FAQ.

How can I test my DSL speed? features some handy tools for testing and tweaking your DSL line. You can also comment on Zhonka and compare with other broadband user's results.

Basic settings - set-up configurations and support contact info
DSL packages & tech info - how it works, how to get it, how to use it better
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Networking resources - Surfbreak wireless cafes, computer shops, consultants, security links
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