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Private sector offers unique challenges - The Olympian - 03/20/05 - Business Forecast article by Chris Clough

Professional service businesses typically are fairly small. Zhonka Broadband is in that category.
"As an Internet service provider, our main product is a utility, and as such, we think people are always going to need access," Zhonka's Dave Olson said. Zhonka also hosts Web sites.

Zhonka essentially is a two-person operation that also relies on the help of interns and friends from time to time.Olson, who previously co-owned OlyWa.net before selling it to California-based Advanced TelCom Group, is optimistic about its prospects.
"When we got back into the market two and a half years ago, it was a downtime for the economy," Olson said.

"So everything has been better than that. We've had good, consistent growth. A lot of what we see are new, small business start-ups. One of the first things they need is a domain name."

"Really, we can work from anywhere," Olson said.

"But we have our home base in Olympia because we know the market and enjoy living here."

South Sound Internet Mogul in it for the Glory - Business Examiner newspaper's "Fishbowl" - 6/28/04

Zhonka Broadband Secretary General Jacob Stewart says he runs an Olympia-based Internet Service Provider for the glory.  "I started my current business with an eye toward making a living," Stewart says, "not striking it rich."

Stewart is no novice to the Internet game. He started OlyWa.Net in 1995. That first company grew quickly and was netting some $1 million a year before merging with Advanced Telecom Group in 2000.

After the OlyWa.Net merger, Stewart says he took a much needed break from the hectic day-to-day stress of building and running a tech company.  "I needed time to decompress," he says.

That break didn't last long. In the wake of the Internet boom, Stewart decided to build a leaner, more efficient business. With the help of a small team of investors, Stewart created Zhonka in 2003.

The life of an entrepreneur can be tough, Stewart says. Entrepreneurs should be prepared for long hours, hard work, planning and perseverance. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love his job.  "To any would-be entrepreneur I'd say go for it," Stewart says, "And don't let anybody tell you it can't be done."

Zhonka co-founders on 40 under 40 List - 6/23/03 feature articles by Paul Schrag from Business Examiner details achievements by 40 area business leaders under 40 years of age including Zhonka's Jacob Stewart and Dave Olson.  More about Business Examiner's 40 under 40.

Entrepreneurs create local ISP - 3/21/03 article by Alex Goff for the Olympian about Zhonka's plans. Features picture of Zhonka co-founders, Jay Stewart and Dave Olson, enjoying wireless Internet access at the Clubside Cafe with proprietor Kenny Trobman.

Steve Bloom/The Olympian

OlyWa office empty - 05/28/02 article by Scott Wyland from The Olympian foreshadows start-up of Zhonka, "Olson and other OlyWa team members plan to launch a company called Zhonka Broadband, which will offer DSL to customers throughout Western Washington, with the focus being on South Sound."

Steve Bloom/The Olympian

ATG purchased - 06/06/02 Scott Wyland from The Olympian article again mentions Zhonka entering the market, "Former OlyWa employee Dave Olson, also unavailable for comment, has said he wants to launch an ISP called Zhonka Broadband, which would offer high-speed connections to Web users."

Candid Conversation with Dave Olson - 03/04/02 Q & A with Kamila McClelland of the Business Examiner and Zhonka co-founder Dave Olson discussing mergers, Internet marketing, and new business plans.

Press Releases

During the recent Legislative session, local Internet businesses and industry groups supported a bill to keep Internet services tax-free, in Washington at least. Read full press release or download .pdf.

(L to R) Ron Main of Cable Communications Assoc., Dave Olson of Zhonka Broadband,
and Jacob Stewart & Gary Gardner of WAISP join Gov. Locke for SB 6259 bill signing on March 26 2004.
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FREE WI-FI IS THE "SOUP DU JOUR" FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES - April 6, 2004 - As part of Zhonka Broadband`s unique "Surfbreak" program, innovative businesses around the Puget Sound are serving up free wireless Internet access for customers. Read full press release or download .pdf.


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