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Zhonka Broadband aims to provide friendly, prompt, technical support to all of our customers. You'll also find a wealth of information in FAQ. Please check the technical FAQ before contacting us, you'll likely find the information you're looking for there. If you have a billing inquiry, please use the billing inquiry form.

Basic settings - set-up configurations and support contact info
DSL packages & tech info - how it works, how to get it, how to use it better
Dial-up - how to get connected, how to get dial-up numbers while traveling
Webhosting & domains - all about domain hosting, name transfers, & registrations
Billing & business - how we charge, how to pay, account access, sponsored service, questions ...
Networking resources - Surfbreak wireless cafes, computer shops, consultants, security links
FAQ home - why Zhonka, what we offer, where we do it, why it's cool

There are several methods to contact us and request assistance:

1) Fill out the form below


2) E-mail support (at) zhonka.net - replace with "@" - No Junk Mail please


3) Phone: 360-357-8776 - signups and customer support available weekdays during regular business hours 9-5.

After hours and weekends, Zhonka customers who CANNOT CONNECT may leave a callback number a detailed message for assistance.

We ask that you contact us via E-mail, or using the form below if possible, as we can often better assist you via email.

Please fill out the form completely, and describe your problem/question in detail (make sure to include the full text of any error messages you may be receiving). We will reply via e-mail, or phone if necessary, within 24 hours (usually much sooner).

Your Name:

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Phone Number:

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